I'm A Good Fucker with Brick Kummings at See HIM Fuck

I'm A Good Fucker
Featuring: Brick Kummings
With: Camila Cortez

Today we have new stud Brick Kummings doing his very first scene for See H🕴️M Fuck and we paired HIM up with lovely Latina coed Camila Cortez ❤️ for this week's good fucking update. After director extraordinaire Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins conducts his pre-sex interview 🎤👧👨🏾 Brick does a very sexy striptease for Camila, pausing when her gets down to his See HIM boxers 🩲 before the big reveal. Camila lubes 💧 HIM up front and back before she does the old 👃 sniff n lick 👅 on both of Brick's armpits. She allows HIM to take a seat so she can remove his socks, smell his feet, lick his soles & slobber on his toes 👃🦶🏾👅🤤 Then we get to Round 1 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 as Camila licks and tongues his balloon-knot while Brick is spread eagle, on all fours and in a reverse piledriver. Next, the two trade oral favors with each other before Camila hops on top and the fucking begins. Camila rides HIM amazon & cowgirl, then Brick deep-dicks her via a front and backwards piledriver. The fucking is paused for Round 2 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 as Brick cops a squat on Camilla's face so she can munch away at his asshole. Brick then hammer-fucks Camila doggystyle and missionary until he pulls out and unloads a mayonnaise truck full of cum onto her stomach ✊🏾🍆💦 As is the norm, we caught up with the two lovers in the shower after 🚿🧼 to see how things went...

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

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