Newbie Daddy & His Anaconda - See HIM Fuck

Newbie Daddy & His Anaconda
Featuring: Daddy JM
With: Riley Grey

This scene is very special: please meet Daddy JM. Until now, he has only done homemade porn, so this is his very first scene for a professional company and we were pleasantly surprised! This boy-next-door 1st nervously strips down, which is normal for newbies, but it didn't fuck up his mojo because he pulled out a rock hard anaconda! 🍆👀 Redhead Riley Grey helps HIM get lubed up, sucks his toes, eats his ass for a week and the new kid loves every minute of it! Finally Riley plops that big gift of his in her mouth, takes her twat for a cock ride, back to the ass eating (he must be tasty!) and then she goes spread eagle so she can take off of that big prick - all with the camera adoring his young body and giant penis the entire time. He finally blo9ws his load & we get some insight in the after-shower.

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