The Lighting Sets The Mood - See HIM Fuck

The Lighting Sets The Mood
Featuring: Edward Masyn
With: Indica Flower

Ripped black newbie Edward Masyn makes his See HIM Fuck debut with us today and we paired the big dick stud up with our very own juicy cutie Indica Flower for this hot scene, where we tried some different unique/funky lighting. Well-dressed Edward starts by taking off his dress shirt and showing off his very muscular 💪🏾 upper torso. Down go the slacks so we can enjoy that massive bulge in his See HIM underwear 🩲 until he turns around and pulls them down, revealing his 10-inch big black gift 🍆 Indica makes her way into the scene and starts off the pampering by 👃 sniffing and licking 👅 his armpits. She then gets Edward all lubed up 💧 so she can reach around and stroke that BBC. After Edward takes a seat, Indica removes his socks 🧦 one-by-one, suckling his toes and licking the soles of his feet 🦶🏾 Edward then gets spread wide so Indica can ring the bell 🛎️ and start Round 1 of the ass eating, which must've been an untimed round, because she was down there licking and probing for a LONG time! Edward then stands up so Indica can attempt to take as much of his girthy dick in her mouth as possible 🤤 Of course, Edward is a gentleman and returns the oral favors by tasting her young wide-spread vag 😻 Indica gets herself positions for some piledriver fucking, where we get to see all of that big prick disappear inside her 😱 She takes a cockride before Edward pounds her doggystyle as he flexes those big muscles once again. 🛎️ Round 2 of ass eating is up next, as Edward gets on all fours so Indica can tongue his asshole from above while milking his big prick. Edward then puts Indica on her back for the big missionary finish! As always, we catch up with our new studly friend in the shower...

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