Latina's LOVE Eating Ass - See HIM Fuck

Latina's LOVE Eating Ass
Featuring: John Price
With: Veronica Leal

John Price and his big uncut cock make their debut today on See HIM Fuck and we paired him up with Colombian beauty Veronica Leal, because EVERYONE knows that Latina chicks just LOVE giving rimjobs! After John shows off his fit body and stiff prick, Veronica enters to give his pits a smell test before slathering our man in lube 💧 for some pampered loving. She takes off his socks 🧦 massages his feet 🦶 and suckles his toes 🤤 before it's time to get with the ass munching 😋 She spreads his cheeks and buries her tongue 👅 deep in his hole. John then squats on her face and jerks his dick while she munches away. After that, John goes spread-eagle 🦅 for Veronica so she can get her mouth all the way in there! It's finally time for some of that good old fashioned fucking and John is a pro! She rides him, he pins her ankles behind her ears and squats down to pump her pussy. But the ass-eating is NOT done - IT'S NEVER DONE - as Veronica has to go back for one last licking of John's balloon knot before he fucks her pussy again and makes a map of Hawaii on her abdomen. As always, we interview John about his experience in the shower after 🧔🚿

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