The Haitian Bull - See HIM Fuck

The Haitian Bull
Featuring: Louie Smalls
With: Blair Underwood

This is the one you've been waiting for, because today we bring you the tallest m*ther fucker in porn: Louie Smalls! The giant 6'9 Haitian wanted to have to the focus all on HIM, so we paired HIM up with 5'4 Blair Underwood. He strips down and gets oiled up by Blair, who then sucks his toes, licks his asshole and then gently massages it while she blows HIM! Louie's asshole was pristine by the time Blair got done with her tongue down there. Blair wanted to go all out today, so she asked us to let HIM fuck her in the ass 😱😱😱 That poor girl! But it's NOT about her, it's about HIM! Louie fucks any hole he wants and busts a fatty nut all over her stomach. Afterwards, we catch HIM in the shower to share his experience.

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