Vic's First Professional Scene with Vic Lowrey at See HIM Fuck

Vic's First Professional Scene
Featuring: Vic Lowrey
With: Kyler Quinn

Chiseled 💪🏾 Military vet Vic Lowrey is appearing in his first ever scene today, and in honor of the occasion, we paired HIM up with the lovely Kyler Quinn for this week's See H🕴️M Fuck Update. After the now infamous Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins interview portion of the program 🎤👱‍♀️👨🏾‍🦲 Vic starts to strip and flex 💪🏾 for Kyler (and us) until she pulls down his See HIM boxers 🩲 and starts to blow HIM a little bit. She then gets Vic nice and slick 💧 lubing up all his muscles 💪🏾 followed by HIM doing some pushups with Kyler on his back. She 👃 sniffs and licks 👅 both of his armpits before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can remove his socks 🧦 smell his feet, lick his soles and suckle his toes 👃🦶🏾👅🤤 The comes Round 1 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 as Kyler gives Vic a rimming and tonguing in a couple of different positions. The two 👅😻 trade oral favors 🍆🤤 before Kyler hops on top for some amazon and cowgirl fucking. Kyler pauses the fucking for Round 2 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 where she strokes Vic's prick while licking his asshole. Vic then takes control, positioning Kyler for some frontwards and backwards piledriver deep-dicking, then doggystyle, and finally missionary until he pulls out and cums on her belly ✊🏾🍆💦 As is the norm, we followed the two into the shower 🚿🧼 to see how things went...

To be honest, these pics don't truly represent this scene, so we suggest you...

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