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See A Boxer Fuck

Boxer 🥊 and (now) pornstar ⭐ Jay P makes his See H🕴️M Fuck debut today and we paired HIM up with 🎰 Vegas spinner 💃 Alex Coal for this great scene 💯 Jay starts by removing his sport coat and slacks so we can see the bulge 🍆 in his See HIM underwear 🩲 before he whips out his big uncut gift 🚫✂️ Alex then steps in to give Jay's armpits the old 👃 Sniff N Lick 👅 before lubing 💧 HIM up front and back. Alex makes her way down to Jay's feet 👣 removes his socks 🧦 and suckles his toes 🤤🦶 Then it's time for Round 1 🛎️ of ass eating 👅🍑 and Alex takes her time, probing his asshole 🕳️ with her 👅 tongue and finger 👈 all the while stroking his thick prick ✊🍆 Jay then face-fucks Alex and makes her gag on his cock before fucking her doggystyle. Round 2 🛎️ of ass eating 👅🍑 is a quick one, as Alex digs in from above. Jay then positions her for some piledriver fucking, followed by Alex taking her pussy for a cockride. Jay then hammers away on Alex missionary until it's time for Round 3 🛎️ of ass eating 👅🍑 aka The Grand Finale, as Alex tongues his bum while Jay finishes HIMself off and makes a Map of Hawaii 🏝️ on his 6-pack abs. We catch up with the two in the shower 🚿 only to see that the fucking is far from over... Until next time: STAY SAFE! 😷

Date Added: 2020-11-06


135 Photos, 56 Min Of Video


Rating: 4.7/5.0

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