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The Goat: Part IV

Fan favorite Mazee The Goat 🐐 makes his 4th appearance on See H🕴️M Fuck today, and we paired HIM up with juicy newbie Riley Reign ❤️ for this week's update. After our wonderful director Johnny 🎥🎬 Robins helps us get reacquainted with HIM 🎤🐐👱‍♀️ Mazee stands up and begins to strip, 1st taking off that sharp royal blue smoking jacket, and when he gets to the bulge in those See HIM boxers 🩲 well, Riley just had to sample the goods! Riley then gets HIM all slicked up 💧 making sure that BBC of his is stiff and ready for action. She 👃 sniffs and licks 👅 Mazee's armpits and suckles his nipples before allowing HIM to take a seat so she can get freaky-deaky 👃🦶🏾👅🤤 with his size 9 feet. Then we get to Mazee's favorite part of the scene: The 👅🍑 ass-eating! Riley rims HIM while Mazee is spread-eagle, then via a rusty trombone and reverse piledriver. Mazee returns all the oral treats he just received by sucking on Riley's very pink pussy 👅😻 She sucks, slobbers and gags on Mazee's prick, followed by HIM going in for Round 2 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 by sitting on Riley's face. Then we finally get down to the fucking, as Mazee buries his dick all the way into Riley via front and backwards piledriver, amazon, cowgirl 🤠 doggystyle, and on her back folded up like a pretzel 🥨 When the time is right, Mazee pulls out and quickly gets over Riley's face so he can unload his love 👱‍♀️💦🍆🐐 As usual, we followed the two lovers into the shower after 🚿🧼 to see how things went... Until next week and the next H🕴️M! 👋

PS ~ Make sure you check out the pictures for this scene, as we took some action shots AKA sex stills. If everyone likes them, we'll keep doing them!

Date Added: 2022-02-11


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