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See HIM Fuck

He Didn't Fail Hard!

See H🕴️M Fuck is pleased as punch to announce 🗣️ the return of Nade Nasty to the set this week and we paired HIM up with our very own Contract Girl Val Steele 👩‍🎤 for this week's 🔥 hot and fresh 💯 update. To say Nade is a character 🤪 is an understatement, and if you read our blog post from last weekend, you'll know exactly what we mean (as well as the reason for the title of this scene). As always, we start off with Nade slowly stripping from his sharp dark suit, showing off his goods, including that bulge 🍆 in his See HIM underwear 🩲 until he reveals his quite impressive-for-a-limp dick. In comes Val 👩‍🎤 to slather Nade's body with lube 🧴💧 making sure to turn that soggy-six 📉 into a rock-hard nine 📈 Val 👩‍🎤 sniffs and licks 👃👅 Nade's armpits before making her way down to his feet, where she 👅 licks his soles, gags on his toes 🤤🦶 and lets Nade smush his spit-covered feet on her face 👣👩‍🎤 Next up is Round 1 🛎️ of the ass-eating 👅🍑 and Val 👩‍🎤 gets her tongue right in there, munching away at Nade's asshole in a number of positions, including some rusty trombone action, as well as the occasional digital penetration 🕳️👈 The two then trade oral favors, as first Val 👩‍🎤 gives HIM a drool-filled gagjob, followed by Nade performing some sloppy cunnilingus 👅😻 on her coed clit. He lays back and lets Val 👩‍🎤 mount HIM for some amazon fucking, followed by the ever-popular piledriver deep-dicking, where Nade flexes 💪 and occasionally sucks her toes 🤤🦶 as he plows away from above. Round 2 🛎️ of ass-eating 👅🍑 starts when the two of them 69 ♋ as Nade plops his ass on Val's face as he tongues away at her vag. Nade positions Val 👩‍🎤 for some doggystyle action, followed by the good old missionary position, until he finally pulls out and unloads some goodness onto her face ✊🍆💦👩‍🎤 Of course, we then caught up with our two friends in the shower after 🚿🧼 to see how things went... Until next time: PLEASE! 😷 STAY SAFE!

Date Added: 2021-02-05


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