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Friday 2020-11-20's Scene Might Be Delayed



Hey Everyone -

Tomorrow's (2020-11-20) scene featuring Mazee The Goat & Blake Blossom *might* be a little late as far as when it's available in the members area. This is because we literally just shot it! Filming ended around 4PM ET on Wednesday 2020-11-18, which gives us a total of 32 hours to edit & process the movie if we are to get it posted by Midnight ET Thursday (technically it's Midnight Friday but I we posted that, people would come to the site at 11:59 PM on Friday & wonder why the scene has been live for 24 hours) 32 hours may seem like enough time to do this, but we're a small company & we do require sleep.

Anyway, if it isn't live at Midnight, it will be shortly after. We're talking maybe an hour or so late... and from what I hear, it'll be worth it!

Thanks for your understanding!
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PS ~ Stay Safe! 😷

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