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Server Move & Possible Missing 4K Files



Hey Everyone! 👋

You know how anytime you move, you misplace a few things? Well, we recently moved to a bigger & faster server 🥳 but the problem is some of the 4K scene files got "misplaced" 😮

But don't worry! Everything still works on the site! It's just that the downloadable 4K files might be missing.

If you find one that's missing, simply click the REPORT PROBLEM button/link under each scene & we'll find it for you.

See HIM Support

Coupon Codes Not Working



Hey Everyone -

Yesterday we sent out some discount Coupon Codes that are unfortunately not working. We are working with our partners to resolve this issue quickly, but it is the weekend. We will also be extending the promo once we know the codes all work for everyone.

Thank you for understanding :)
See HIM Support

See HIM Fuck Will Be Down For Maintenance



Good Morning Everyone!

Just an FYI that the site will be down for maintenance (server upgrade) for about 30 minutes this morning starting at 11AM EDT.
We appreciate your patience. See you on Friday with another brand new never-before-seen scene!
See HIM Support

Please Rate Our Scenes and Performers



We LOVE feedback here at See HIM Fuck and the easiest way for you to give us some is to rate each Scene, as well as the Performers (aka Models) in each. In order to help you help us, we decided to post a little tutorial on how to rate the Scenes/Models, as well as how to see the Top Rated for each.


On each Scene/Model page, you will see the current/overall rating followed by 5 colored circles with black stars in them.
- If the colored part of the circle is PINK, that means you HAVE NOT yet rated that Scene/Model:

- If the colored part of the circle is BLUE, that means you HAVE ALREADY rated that Scene/Model:

All Scenes/Models use a Five Star rating system, where 1 star is the lowest and 5 stars is the highest. The stars go in order from left to right, where the 1st star means a rating of 1 and the 5th/last star means a rating of 5. In order to rate or change your existing rating, simply click on the star that corresponds with the rating you wish to give the Scene/Model.


If you click the ALL SCENES or MODELS links up top, near the top of each page you will see 3 boxes:

The box that is colored PINK is how the page is currently sorted. The other 2 boxes that are colored RED are your other options for how you want to sort the page. In order to sort the page by rating, simply click the MOST POPULAR box:

This will reload the page and the top rated Scenes/Models will appear 1st.

That's it! If you have any questions/comments/problems with rating Scenes/Models, please contact us at support@seehim.net.

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