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Friday 2020-07-09 Scene Delayed

Just an FYI that Friday's scene featuring Eddie Dean and Val Steele won't be ready until about Noon instead of the customary Midnight. We apologize for the delay.

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SeeHimFuck Signs Val Steele as 1st Contract Star

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — "Purple haired stunner" Val Steele has inked a six-month exclusive contract with newly launched paysite SeeHimFuck.com, which produces B/G content focused on the male performer.

Steele is SeeHimFuck's first contract player. The site also specializes in "unprecedented amounts of women worshipping the fellows with toe-sucking, foot worship and scenes overflowing with lengthy, no-holds-barred rimjobs," a rep explained.

"While alternative-looking models like Val often get turned away from more mainstream shoots, SeeHimFuck celebrates rather dismisses the performers who get the cold shoulder from other sites," continued the rep.

"From Day One we knew we wanted to be an inclusive site, and that means no discrimination: color, piercings, alt - we simply don't discriminate. We never would have considered doing it any other way. We are thrilled to have Val under contract and think she is perfect for the brand. She is beautiful, enthusiastic and knows exactly what we are looking for and pulls it off perfectly."

Following the site's debut in March, "requirements for ladies have been the same: so long as they are happy to lick ass, worship feet at length and get fucked without being the focal point of the camera, they fit the SeeHimFuck ethos."

Steele, 21, made her adult industry debut earlier this year; she has already appeared opposite Danny Mountain for SeeHimFuck. A new hookup pairs her with Ruben Slikk.

Hussie Models represents Steele; view her agency profile and follow her on Twitter for the latest updates.

Source: XBIZ

See HIM Fuck's Statement On & Dedication To Diversity

Attention just so everyone is aware. WHEN WE CAN GO BACK TO SHOOTING IN THE US WE ARE SHOOTING EVERY RACE AND EVERY TYPE OF GUY JUST LIKE WE WERE BEFORE COVID. We apologize for not being able to be diverse during this pandemic. Wait till you see what we have in store coming up!

Sorry again! With that being said, anybody that knows of any black talent in Budapest and would like to shoot for us, please Message us on our Twitter: @SeeHimFuck ASAP!

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