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See HIM Fuck Releases Sophomore DVD: Young Men




HOLLYWOOD - See HIM Fuck is back with their second DVD, this time focusing on some of the young studs who have shot for the site. Young Men stars Daddy JM, Dashing Frankenstein aka D Frank, Oliver Flynn and Lil D, each of which was given the rare opportunity to do a scene where the camera focused on them rather than their prettier counterparts.


The ladies this time out are Alice Pink, Athena May, Aubrey Thomas and Riley Grey, a group of lovelies with more experience in the man worship department than you might expect. One after another they bring the art of rubbing, rimming and ravishing their guys and not just for the cameras, since those are focused on the lucky fellas.


Lil D is fresh out of his teens and Athena not much older, but that doesn't mean they don't have the experience to pull off this man-focused spectacle. Athena is all the more unassuming thanks to her brace-faced innocent appearance, but that girl knows how to please a man. She's a foot worship enthusiast and she plays a rusty trombone with incredible skill. She does her best to deep throat, Lil D, but no luck – he's too big. When Lil D takes a run at her pussy, that's a different story.


A-list cocksman Oliver is next to go and he gets lucky with Alice. This was actually the scene that started it all when SeeHimFuck.com went live on Feb. 16. It was quite a risk to put the cameras on the guys as the pretty women toured their way around the men's bodies, but it worked from the get-go. Oliver was a natural for a project like this and Alice discovered that she doesn't mind getting second billing so long as she gets to have her fun.


Daddy JM's scene with Riley Grey was his first-ever pro shoot and goodness knows that's a crazy way for a guy to kick off a porn career. Rather than being treated like a meat puppet secondary to the beautiful lady, he was spoiled by Riley's superb rimming and then he had his way with her. The scene is titled “Newbie Daddy & His Anaconda,” so you know Riley got hers, too.


Another guy to make his debut for See HIM Fuck this year was Dashing Frankenstein aka D Frank who had the luck to draw Aubrey Thomas, also a newbie with barely more on-camera experience than her man. Nonetheless, they had an explosive pairing with a special moment: Aubrey had the honor of giving HIM his first-ever rimming and he thanked her by giving her great sex and big blast at the end.



Daddy JM: Twitter @DaddyJM215, OnlyFans @DaddyJM, and is repped by Adult Talent Management

Oliver Flynn: Twitter @TheOliverFlynn, Onlyfans @TheOliverFlynn, and is repped by Hussie Models

Lil D: Twitter @TheyHateLilD, Onlyfans @RuthlessxKid, is repped by Hussie Models.

Alice Pink: Twitter @AlicePinksWorld, Onlyfans @SunnyIsNaked is repped by Hussie Models.

Athena May: Twitter @AthenaMayXOX, Onlyfans @AthenaMayXXX.

Aubrey Thomas: Twitter @aubreythomasxxx, Onlyfans @BBellaXXX.

Riley Grey: Twitter @RileyGrey7, Onlyfans @RileyGrey7, and is repped by Hussie Models.


You can find See HIM Fuck on Twitter at @SeeHimFuck and Instagram @SeeHimFck.




Press Release can be seen at Rising Star PR

See HIM Fuck Releases First-Ever DVD Titled: MEN



All-Star Lineup Makes a Great Impression for this Disc Debut


HOLLYWOOD - See HIM Fuck has racked up some amazing scenes since debuting this year and a new DVD - the first from the company - and will surely work to bring more viewers to the male-focused site.


It's an astonishing lineup for both genders. For the ladies, MEN features Kyler Quinn, Natalie Brooks, Scarlett Fall and Tori Montana. The lucky fellows are Jax Slayher, Charles Dera, Juan Largo and Jmac. The concept for the yet-uninitiated is that in a SHF scene the camera is focused on the guy, as is the scene's pleasure. It's a reverse from most of the scenes, when guys can be on-camera for 40 minutes and you don't even know who he is unless you recognize his cock since the camera is always on the ladies.


Not with See HIM Fuck. The camera captures angles where you can see the guy at work/play and the ladies know going in it's going to be a day of man-pleasuring. They will rim, suck on toes and feet, do whatever it takes to make that man damn happy. And it turns out both parties quite enjoy mixing it up like this and the viewers have certainly taken to the turnabout.


“I knew we had to get DVDs out as soon as we could,” SHF co-founder Riley Reynolds said. “We were supposed to release this in April but... COVID, so we are way ahead for the upcoming DVDs. Young Men Vol 1 is next. It think they are a great opportunity to introduce the brand to a new market. There are a lot of people who don't even know they want this kind of content until they see it, so this should help get them on board.”


Here is a breakdown of the new DVD, which is in stores now:


Charles Dera & Natalie Brooks

The Dera-Brooks matchup was one of SHF's earliest scenes and Dera brought both his personality and his prowess to this hot matchup. He started things off with a lot of shit-talking and dame demands, and Natalie pulled it all off and more. As he says after the scene, “Most women want a dominant man, and most men want a submissive woman.” They certainly both played those rolls here!


Juan Largo & Scarlett Fall

“At first it was a little awkward, because I've never had somebody back there before,” Juan said after his scene. “Then when we got into it was like, Oh, okay! I'll definitely be trying that in my personal life.” Yes, even experienced porn studs often have not had all of the sexual experiences one might assume, so, as with this scene, it's amazing to watch guys being the subject of so much pleasure when they are usually on give-pleasure duty.


Jmac & Kyler Quinn

Jmac had the good luck to be matched up with Kyler, who is a can't-miss performer. She clearly isn't doing it just for the camera because she gives tremendous lust whether the focus is on her or not. “Getting my ass eaten was two thumbs up. That rimming was the best part,” Jmac said following his shoot. He was already experienced at receiving a rimming, but this is almost certainly the best he's ever had in a scene. Ever.


Jax Slayher & Tori Montana

Jax comes in ready for the dirty talk and aiming to be pleased. Lucky he's set up with Tori, who enjoys his foul mouth and is ready to make a guy very happy. He shows off his gym-sculpted body and it fuels Tori's desire.  Jax doesn't get lazy about things, he takes full advantage of this opportunity to show how he works his magic and proves there's more to it than being ridiculously hung.



Charles Dera: Twitter @MrStudShit and Onlyfans @RealDera.

Natalie Brooks: Twitter @NastyNatXXX, OnlyFans @NastyNat, and is repped by Hussie Models.

Juan Largo: Twitter @JuanLargoXXX and OnlyFans @JuanLargo

Scarlett Fall: Twitter @Fall_ScarIett, OnlyFans @Fall_Scarlett, and is repped by Hussie Models.

Jmac: Twitter @Jmac1864 and OnlyFans @Jmac1864

Kyler Quinn: Twitter @KylerQuinnPorn, OnlyFans @KylerQuinnPorn, and is repped by Hussie Models.

Jax Slayher: Twitter @SlayherJax, OnlyFans @JaxSlayher, and is repped by Hussie Models.

Tori Montana: Twitter @ToriMontanaXXX, OnlyFans @ToriMontanaX, and is repped by Hussie Models.


You can find See HIM Fuck on Twitter at @SeeHimFuck and Instagram @SeeHimFck.




Press Release can be seen at Rising Star PR

Friday 2020-07-09's Scene Delayed



Just an FYI that Friday's scene featuring Eddie Dean and Val Steele won't be ready until about Noon instead of the customary Midnight. We apologize for the delay.

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