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See HIM Fuck's Statement On & Dedication To Diversity

Attention just so everyone is aware. WHEN WE CAN GO BACK TO SHOOTING IN THE US WE ARE SHOOTING EVERY RACE AND EVERY TYPE OF GUY JUST LIKE WE WERE BEFORE COVID. We apologize for not being able to be diverse during this pandemic. Wait till you see what we have in store coming up!

Sorry again! With that being said, anybody that knows of any black talent in Budapest and would like to shoot for us, please Message us on our Twitter: @SeeHimFuck ASAP!

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Two Updates Are Coming SOON!



Hey Everyone -

1st & foremost, there is an update coming today 🎉 It features Kristof Cale with Sarah Cute and it was just shot on Sunday June 6th - how's that for fresh content? It should be ready by 6PM EDT today!

Unfortunately, we are going to have to bump Friday's update to sometime on Saturday 🙁 It does feature Ridge Crix with Jenifer Jane and it was shot on Monday June 7th. So, one day late on the update, but still less than a week from when the scene was shot.

We just wanted to keep everyone updated & we do thank you for baring with us!

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Friday 2020-06-05 Update Delayed



Shortly after yesterday's These Are Trying Times... post, where we said we'd have an update ready for Friday 2020-06-05 (tomorrow), the dumpster fire that is 2020 hit us and everything went to shit 🤬 We won't bore you with the details, other than the scene isn't being shot until this weekend 🙁

Our goal is to have the scene posted by Wednesday 2020-06-10 at the latest.

In the meantime, we have bumped up the release of the BTS from Performing Her Wifely Duties, which was scheduled for Monday 2020-06-08, to Friday 2020-06-05 (tomorrow)
(that link will work at Midnight EDT Friday 2020-06-05)

We thank you all very much for your patience
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These Are Trying Times...



We just wanted to let everyone know that, while COVID-19 really did fuck all of the porn world as far as being able to shoot new scenes, we are doing our best to bring you new content on a regular basis.

We are shooting a scene today for Friday's update & we have another lined up for next week. Shooting a scene and having it live on the site within 36 hours will be tricky, but we will make it work!

Bottom line: We're gonna do what it takes to keep you guys (and gals?) happy 👍

Thank you all for sticking with us!
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PS ~ The best way to know what's coming is to follow us on our Twitter: @SeeHimFuck, as we do post videos while the scenes are being shot - think of it as the ultimate free preview 😉

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